Health Industry and Critical Infrastructure Telecommuting Checklist

PC Labs has provided and supported telecommuting since our inception in 1995 - with professional quality remote access tools, your staff can access their desk PC from home just as if they were at work - like having a keyboard, mouse and monitor cable that runs from the home office to the PC at work! If your job involves sitting in front of a PC and a phone all day, we can invisibly, reliably and securely transition you to a home work environment with a minimum of fuss - the only requirements for the home user are a properly maintained Windows 10 PC, Chromebook or thin client with broadband internet access!

Tomorrows computing environment will be virtual and securely portable, let us introduce you to it today!

The home PC of the telecommuter will retain NO information from the remote session - as far as your home PC is concerned, once the remote session is closed, it's as if it never happened at all! This helps to maintain the security of business data present on your work PC, while placing it at your fingertips remotely, wherever you have internet.

Office phones & extensions from your work environment can be extended to the telecommuter as well - via VOIP services on the home PC or cellphone, VOIP services on a dedicated appliance or simply forwarded to an existing residential service.

VDI (Virtual Desktop Interface) Systems are readily available - if your workers are experienced working with web-facing services instead of applications, VDI systems are an extremely cost effective method of provisioning serious computing power on an as-needed basis. Providing direct and secure access to the tools needed to work, without risking a direct connection to existing business assets. Upgradeable on demand, even hardcore graphics editing and rendering!

Telephone services provided by PC Labs are fully featured, including SMS, voicemail, call forwarding, call waiting and three way calling as well as unlimited local calling AND unlimited nationwide long distance services. These service can be provided via software, over a web page or on a dedicated appliance, depending on your needs and are readily integrated into existing wiring, PBX systems or SIP phones/systems if necessary. This is Telco quality service, sufficient to support high-speed faxing and/or alarm circuits reliably.

Remote access, inter-office messaging, presentations & webinars, collaborative tools, shared calendars, corporate and intranet web sites, helpdesk tools, phone services, multimedia hosting - if you need to restructure your teams for telecommuting, we can advise, implement and support a wide variety of platforms while keeping your expenses under control!

We support Webex, Teamviewer, Google Remote Access, RemotePC, Windows RDS, Amazon Workspaces and more