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A rapidly mutating IT landscape means we can rarely recommend a particular product or service for any meaningful duration - anyone who says differently is putting a kickback or unsold inventory between you and your solution. We've sacrificed the benefits available to the typical VAR/reseller in the name of objectivity - with no vested interest in the brand you purchase, our only incentive is to solve your problem. With no demand on our loyalty there is no limit to our creativity, or inclination to shape your solution to our spare inventory!

For any significant IT hardware purchase - If that component is on the local shelf - its out of date. Even if that part is perfectly relevant to you, an up to the minute price is typically cheaper - you wouldn't hire a solutions provider based on the square footage of his facility, why invest in hardware that way?

We prefer instead to exercise our Google Fu consulting skills...before we meet you, before we consider any solution for you..we soak up information. Organically spotting trends, choosing in the moment what additional knowledge to stockpile that might be relevant to our clients future IT needs - recognizing patterns that signify problems as well as the right combination of solutions to eliminate them.

For each project, we begin by evaluating the wants & needs of the situation. We will follow-up by then recommending a range of appropriate hardware/software options for the task based on value, expense and client preference. After researching pricing, security and availability concerns, we then advise you on the feasible range of sources.

We get paid for our objectivity, experience & research time - you save by purchasing your equipment directly, with no markup, no middleman and no mistakes or downtime!

Obi 202 dual port VOIP ATA adapter with T38 Fax and alarm systems support - 69.95

INCLUDES (2) fully featured POTS Voice/fax lines with UNLIMITED calling

Zero monthly fees with Google Voice or choose your own SIP provider, Internet access required


2 - POTS Jacks, RJ11

1 - External USB (supports Obi WiFi or BT adapter)

1 - 10/100 Ethernet port

1 - PC/ Pass-through port (when used as primary router)

Includes Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3-Way calls, anon block, DND, Voicemail

Obi units link easily and seamlessly into a mini phone system, activating the collaborative feature-set to connect and transfer calls between users at multiple sites. Includes Incoming Call and Call On-Hold Pick-U and Join / Barge-In

Application supported SMS, wifi and remote calls from cell!